Reviews for Yvette Levi from past clients:

Client correstpondence:

"Out of maybe 20 appointments with various doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists over the years, I have never received a diagnosis as to why I am so tight. Also, I felt better today than I have in years.
Thank you."


Yelp review of BS State Park:
"Had a top-notch 1-hour massage from Yvette, as good as any top spa.  It included a 15-minute private soak in heated mineral waters and a FULL hour massage (so many places give you only 50 minutes).  Yvette was extremely sweet and clearly experienced, giving you the intensity you desire.  Mid-week the price is $99, less for seniors. Because of COVID, they are limiting appointments, so very tranquil atmosphere."


From Facebook:

"My massage with Yvette was amazing! She really worked out my problem areas and I left feeling 100% renewed and relaxed. Will be seeing her again as much as I can, especially because her prices are more than reasonable! The inside of the spa was so clean, sleek, and had very relaxing vibes."


"Amazing bodyworker! Her ashiastsu is on point!! I used to drive to Philadelphia for the type of bodywork she does, as well as she does it! I love getting work from her, I feel amazing for days and days after she's worked on me!"


"I had an ashiatsu and a cupping massage, both of them were amazing. She has a very calm and soothing manner for massages and the attention was A+. Fully recommended."