Post-workout soreness relief

Yvette Levi - Massage Therapist

When I began my practice, I decided to bring my passion for massage and my love for movement together to provide a more specialized service for athletes.  In addition to my massage license, I am certified by DeepFeet Bar Therapy as an Ashiatsu practitioner, and am currently enrolled in NASM’s Corrective Exercise Specialist program with the hopes of incorporating that into practice in the near future.


Even though I cater to athletes, that doesn’t mean I can’t provide a relaxing massage atmosphere for everyone else.  I provide full body massages, as well as pre-natal massage and foot massages.


Full body tune-up:  A 60-minute full body relaxation massage using gentle or medium pressure.


Deep full body tune-up:  A 90-minute full body massage using deep tissue techniques to target adhesions.

Pain management massage: A clinical massage targeting a specific area.  The booking defaults to 60 minutes, but it might be less time, and the price is charged accordingly.  This massage can be done with clothes on, and in a sitting position, depending on the area being targeted.

Foot massage: A lot of our knee and hip issues begin at the feet.  Foot care is very important for athletes.  Not only does it work out the tension and dysfunctions, but it feels great.


Pre-natal massage: a gentle massage in a side-lying position to help relieve the aches that come with the body changes massage brings. 

Full body Ashiatsu: A very deep massage, where the provider stands on the table and uses her body weight to provide the massage with her feet.  Everything you like about deep tissue, without the bony elbows digging into you.


Range of Motion Enhancer:  Massaging around the rotator cuff, hip flexors and ankles in a way that allows you to move those joints with more ease.  Stretches provided upon request.

Post-workout relief:  Come in after a workout to ease the muscle soreness.


Pre-workout enhancer:  An invigorating massage to get the muscle prepared and warmed-up.  Stretches available upon request.



Muscle Max Balm with CBD

Vacutherapy (cupping)
Hot Stones (please note this is not a typical hot stone massage where stones are laid out on body.  This is using hot stones on the adhesion to make it more pliable.)

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